Where Were we? Is a comic Episode Where,Bodhi and Luke are on the Empire state Building,Confused about What happened that led them to be on top of the Empire State Building. So they then Tell the bits of the story that they manage to remember, which includes seeing a few friends and nearly getting caught by the FBI,The CIA and the NCIS( they manage to take out the CIA agent with a bottle of jam,were Bodhi does the CIA Guys YeaaaaaaaaaaaH! joke) . As they conclude there Memories, the SWAT Team makes them fall by acedent,falling into a helicopter piloted by Teddy,lucy and Ian Rescue Them with a medical Apache helicopter. They Soon find out that They're in trouble Because The red Teacher Hacked into a Swedish bank and made the money get Traced to they're Gmail acounts. they soon find the Red teacher and stop his evil plans,getting the police to let them go (Before Luke Got the Ncis's crews Autograph's)